Custom AI Persona for your data

Elevate customer interactions with aitext, a WhatsApp-focused AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT technology. Enhance websites with a smart, easy-to-integrate chatbot widget, blending the best of AI for a more dynamic digital marketing experience.

Bot Personalization

Customized Chatbot Behavior

Tailor your chatbot’s behavior to align with your brand’s identity by setting specific, customized instructions for its interactions with customers.

Broadcast Messaging

Customer Engagement

Adapt your chatbot’s design to reach a wide audience quickly and cost-effectively.

What is aitext?

AI chatbot builder that trains ChatGPT using your data and enables whatsapp or adding a chat widget to website, responding to content-related queries.

How should my data be formatted?

You can upload files in formats in .pdf paste text directly, or provide a link for website scraping.

Can I set instructions for my chatbots?

Yes, you can edit your chatbot's instructions and give it a name, personality traits and directions on how to answer questions (only answer in Malay slang).

How do I integrate my chatbot into my website?

You have the option to insert an iframe or place a chat bubble at the bottom right of your site.

Works with my WhatsApp?

You can link your chatbot to your WhatsApp number, enabling smooth communication with it from any location!

How chatbot can help marketting experince?

aitext offers personalized interactions, automating FAQs, collecting targeted data, offering 24/7 service, and guiding purchase decisions, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions ⤴

Insightful Interaction

Dashboard, Report & Sentiment Analysis

WhatsApp reporting gathers conversation data to understand user behavior, while sentiment analysis evaluates message tones to gauge customer satisfaction and perceptions towards products or services.

Leverage the potential of aitext to boost sales and create satisfied customers.

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