AI Chatbot for new digital marketing

Supercharge your digital marketing efforts with our aitext. Elevate customer engagement, streamline interactions, and boost conversions with intelligent automation.

Why choose us

Choose aitext for an AI chatbot experience that's customer-centric, efficient, and powered by ChatGPT technology, making it an excellent choice for enhancing your digital marketing strategy.

AI Chatbot

Designed for WhatsApp interactions and a widget for integrating a chatbot into websites.


We're dedicated to pushing boundaries with innovative AI solutions.


Our solutions are designed to keep you ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


We prioritize your unique needs and tailor solutions accordingly.


Our AI solutions optimize processes, saving time and resources.


We offer flexible, tailored solutions to align with your goals.


Track your usage on dashboard.

Monitor message activity with Total, Sent, and Failed Messages metrics for optimization. Track Chatbot, Auto Responder, and Broadcast messages for deeper insights into your communication strategies.

chat history

Engaging with your prospective clients.

Utilize chat history features to engage and build connections with potential clients, fostering stronger relationships and understanding their needs based on their feedback.

marketing leads

Unlock your customer sentiments for effective marketing.

Discover Customer Insights with aitext’s Sentiment Analysis enables businesses to personalize marketing, elevate engagement, and align with customer sentiments for more effective interactions, driving satisfaction and conversion.

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